Things mother would say

I remember when I was a little girl my mother told me don't talk to strangers and she even added a little more, don't take anything from them, nothing to eat, nothing to play with, don't hold anything from them. That remained with me throughout my stages in life. I remember my mother said, all that [...]

Books to consider reading

I have read the following books and they are truly a delightful, insightful, inspirational, motivational, intellectual handy-work created by the authors. If you want to understand yourself in terms of skills, read, Now Discover your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton. For programming the mind into success, read, Act like a Success Think like [...]

Thinking out loud

I am sipping on my black tea as I do every morning and just reminiscing about the situations we are bombarded by each day. The thought circulates my mind and I am thinking I should share it with my readers. It is the quiet moments with yourself that makes you realize life is short and nothing in this world last forever, well, [...]

Let Go of the negative-

  The people we meet along life's journey are so interesting and they teach you so much, unknowingly.  It is like reading a book. People tell you their story with their actions, and the readings are clear, only if you are willing to pay attention would you understand what is happening around you. We use [...]

Mother’s Day

I am thinking about what I can write at this moment and the only thing that pinged my mind, is Mother's Day. What can I say about Mother's Day that everyone has not said before. First of all Mother's Day is everyday but we need a special moment where you can just basked in the [...]


The word 'pursue' brings my thoughts to another word, 'determination'. It also takes my thoughts to the operative mode of getting things done without complaining or creating an environment of stress. We can achieve anything that we put our minds to doing successfully. Things in life may seem hard only when the mind is set at [...]

Culture and food

Culture is more than just knowing about the  lives  of society. It is the unique quality of excellence in each civilization. As usual I believe that culture does not go without food. Yes, food tells so much about us, food is an active agent in culture. Food helps us to connect with our cultural identity, hence [...]

The Good we Do

This morning had me thinking and asking some interesting questions. The good we Do,  do we do it for ourselves or do we do good for the sole benefit of others? Hmmm... and I thought for a while and realize, this is where the popular phrase, "Who do good, do it to themselves and who do [...]


"Peace I give to you," the words of Jesus. So how do you obtain peace,  peace in love, peace in mind so you can survive in an unrest world? I can tell you, everyday is new, great and special. It allows for new strength, new forgiveness, renewal of faith and love that move mountains. Each day allows [...]

Communication by Post Office

I guess talking about the days of no internet would sell my age out, but there was a time when social media was just a dream, for some, it might not have been a consideration. The memories of rushing to the Post Office still exist within my mind, and the anxious feeling of retrieving a reply made letter [...]

Who said you can’t

Who said you can't. Tell them you can, And  if that is not enough, let them see you can. Most importantly, let yourself see you can. The race is not to the swift but to those who can withstand the storm. Tap into the God given gifts and destroy your fears. Stop wondering if or [...]


I am sure you were told that you should choose one career and don't like too many things because a jack of all trade is a master of none. Liking too many careers, as stated in years gone by, created the perception, that you are confused and indecisive about things in life. This societal notion created a weird feeling, [...]

Thursday hope

Of course hope is everyday but I want to have a hopeful Thursday. One that is filled with so much positive energy that it will no longer be considered hopeful but successful. May that energy over flow into the next day and we can call it successful Friday and if I were to add another positive [...]

Learning new things

Learning new things is fun. It takes the mind into another dimension. Variation is more like it. Learning to develop the creative neurons can help us to make a big difference in our life. I enjoy learning new things, it helps with conversation and gathering information. Sometimes we meet people who are gifted in a [...]

Keeping the mind

Everyone has their own inner passion, which allows them to enjoy the best of the breathe of life God has given to them. This passion keeps the mind constructively occupied. What's yours? Some people enjoy the moments by travelling and meeting others, learning a new language, learning different cultures and appreciating the way others do things, and some [...]

When the going gets tough

When the going gets rough, the tough gets rough...words by our well-known international Trinidad-born R& B singer, Billy Ocean. How do we break this down with some motivational insights? Does these words mean that we become aggressive or abusive to our stressful situation? I would like to look at this phrase as a message to [...]


Everyone talks about friendship but do we really apply the term in a meaningful way. Do we understand what friendship is about? I would like to say friendship is having people you can depend on and they can depend on you. Despite the struggles and the pains and the stupid things you do. A good [...]


I have often heard this term some may mention it's called desired path, it deals with dimensions. If applied in our lives and even in organisations, we will realize that sometimes the path we construct are not really desired, and  we have to stop and deconstruct. It would take some cognitive perspectives but those paths leads to [...]