Happy things to consider

Happiness is not the material things we contain in our lives, happiness is making the best of every situation, getting involved with activities that would keep our minds healthy. It can be something simple like completing a crossword puzzle or maybe you are good with numbers and prefer sudoku, whatever it may be get in an activity  mode everyday. If you want to take it a step further and you just love dancing then get involve with dancing. Some people love entertaining family and friends, then do just that. The important thing to remember is to do the things that would make you happy.

Our brain thrive best when we are positively active and engaged in things that would trigger our happy hormones. I recently read a book entitled, Brain Wave Vibration by Ilchi Lee. This book is amazing since it highlights the importance of brain exercises that would help bring the body and mind back into balance for a healthy life.

We all deserve to live a healthy, happy, positive life. Why not do the things that would propel us to obtain such desire.




Who knows where we would be tomorrow?

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

Why do we stay silent when our love ones needs to hear our voice?

Why do we complicate relationships?

Why do people proclaim love yet hurt the people they proclaim to love?

What makes us think that love is selfish?

So many unsaid feelings unsaid emotions…too many people think we each have a crystal ball that would inform us of how they think and feel.

If you don’t speak up and speak out, no one would know. The end product to such silence is complications, uncertainty, misunderstandings, doubts and all the negatives that comes with the unspoken words of love.

Say how you feel and maybe just maybe all the complications will stop.

Hint: People should try more compassion and less pride.


“It’s time to rise and shine, the world is waiting to see you shine…see the morning star shine.”

I remember singing these words at church but some how there is no record of who wrote the words. They are so encouraging, it makes me remember the poem I wrote called “Shine.”

The poem elaborates a question of the ability to shine like the sun. It really signifies the need to stand up and be brave, be courageous, be creative and to feel confident about success. Most times we hide behind others because we are too afraid of challenges and yet deep within there is a thirst and a desire to shine.

The poem asks the question, “Can I shine like the sun and let the world see I am a creative one?” The answer can only be found in the person asking the question. People will appreciate the things that are important to you, only if you make them see how important it is.

Confidence brings success. We can’t achieve anything if our mind is filled with doubt and disappointment from the past or what just did not work out. Things will not always be the way we want it to be but we can make the best of our situation or we can just change the situation.

Negotiate to win!

Have you ever had to negotiate for something you really wanted and it just did not turn out quite right?

We negotiate even in normal conversations with friends and family.  For instance, when we tell our children if you do…I will get you…the negotiation begins when they take you up on those words and maybe try to get a better deal on what you are trying to give them.

When you look at it, if you know how to talk with tact, you can have a healthy discussion and settlement for everything, even if you didn’t win you were able to confidently ask for what you want.

I have had to learn the hard way that negotiation takes confidence, consideration, honesty, and straightforwardness. If you don’t like confrontation, it becomes your weakness in negotiating.

According to Patrick Collins in his book, 

There are five secrets of Successful Negotiators, here is the first one.

Secret #1: Get Around the Rules

From the beginning, we are all taught to obey the rules. For most of us it starts in school and pretty much never ends. Remember? “Color inside the lines!” “Raise your hand before you speak!” “Get a gold star if you obey the rules; get a demerit if you don’t.” Maybe these rules made for an orderly classroom, but they also seem to have set up a conditioning process by which we tend to accept rules without question – even when they don’t make sense. The beat goes on in the adult life with such gems as “Don’t Even Think of Parking Here!” “Do Not Enter!” “Payment Must Be Received by…,” and Do Not Remove This Tag under Penalty of Law…” As if all these rules weren’t enough of an outrage, they are often enforced by an army of bureaucrats whose chief function is the utterance of such lines as “It’s the policy” or “It’s procedure.”

Of course rules are important to keep things in order but as humans we should be able to use our initiative to positively get things done.  light-bulb-1002783_960_720


Negotiate to win

Negotiating is not about making an argument but rather raising a discussion to come to an agreement. You might not always get what you want but learning to control the direction of the conversation to obtain a successful agreement is part of being a great negotiator. Success means you get what you want and the other person(s) get something out of it also.

The “Age” Factor

Have you ever been told that you are too old to do something you really wanted to do? Too old to go after a long lost dream that plagues your mind every night you rest your head on the pillows. I would suggest you stop sharing your dreams and start living them. People will always have something to say because they never had the willpower to go after their own dreams, and they feel that it is too late for them, so they share their “too late” thoughts with you in an attempt to make you think the way they do about their unfulfilled dreams.

As long as you have the breath of life, good health and strength you can do just about anything you set your heart and mind to do. The mind is indeed a powerful tool and should never be under-estimated. Age is not a factor, time and opportunity is the leading factor.

Don’t let age stop you from your best self, don’t let age stop you from achieving the greatness of life.

glitter text

Motivational books to read:

How successful people think: change your thinking, change your life” by John C. Maxwell
“The Leadership Challenge” by James Kouzes and Barry Posner
“Now, discover your strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton



Declutter your life

Declutter your life check list, they are common guidelines but sometimes we need to be reminded:

  • Do not apologize for who you are

  • Say No politely when you are not comfortable with a situation

  • Look people in the eyes when you are confident about a situation

  • Decide on what makes sense from what does not and make the necessary changes

  • Do not let others define who you are

  • Be original without explaining

  • Give others the goodness they deserve

  • You, write your own story and write it well.

  • Spend time doing things you enjoy the most, on your spare time


Toxic- the behaviors that can destroy

Toxic is just what it is, poison, something or someone that can destroy your life.

Toxic behavior towards others can create a mass of complication. It becomes a disease to the environment and the people who are given such toxic behavior absorb the pollutant and in return give the same behavior to others around them. One thing for sure toxic people always know how to turn the blame on someone else. It is never their poison that has contaminated your kindness but rather something you did that they did not like to trigger the unpleasant downgrade of the other person’s self-worth.

The numbers for toxic behavior is growing, as we see more and more people are unruly, disrespectful, selfish and insensitive towards each other, especially in the work environment, in fact, according to Katherine Schreiber in her article Poison People, she stated toxic people in the work place are overconfident and feel immune to punishment for bad behavior, Schreiber is quite right, it is quite visible in the work environment.  Further studies shows that overconfidence and valuing one’s self above others leads to toxicity.

It is not just the work-place this kind of insensitive behavior is visible, it is also visible in the homes, our personal lives. Some people may be quite fortunate to not experience this, while others fight to cope with toxic people in the home.

To read more about Toxic People follow the link below



Decisions are indeed difficult to make, every decision hinges on our success or failure and for this reason it is hard.

If I do this, what will be the outcome or if I do that what will happen? They are usually the questions plaguing the mind, and then, you become haunted by frustration, not wanting to make a mistake or do something stupid you remain in pause mode. What works is laying things out on a page, headlined- advantages and disadvantages within each decision, it is a common task that works all the time. When the disadvantage is more than the advantage you know what would be best.

The process of decisions taxes the responsibility and maturity of each individual but sometimes we just have to get things done in the right way. It hurts but life is full of decisions.

The beauty of nature

There is nothing like the, wonderful, colorful, decoratively arrayed flowers and leaves. I am not talking about the flower arrangements people make. I am speaking about the natural beauty of the hills, that beautifies the environment; their luscious and rich texture bombards the mountains, with hues of green, yellow, pink and red. Oh, how I enjoy the view of nature, it unwinds the heart and mind and puts the body in a sedated state of peace and calm. The beauty of the hills!hills I am mesmerized by the breath-taking view of forest, land and water. 

Things mother would say

I remember when I was a little girl my mother told me don’t talk to strangers and she even added a little more, don’t take anything from them, nothing to eat, nothing to play with, don’t hold anything from them. That remained with me throughout my stages in life.

I remember my mother said, all that glitter is not gold and I never understood as a child until I was a young adult. Things may look flashy and beautiful but that glitter is not real and that goes for both people and things.

I remember my mother saying, patience is virtue.  Ah! all those sayings are sweet education to my life.

Think about things that your mother or father used to say that makes so much sense now that you are older and wiser.

Books to consider reading


I have read the following books and they are truly a delightful, insightful, inspirational, motivational, intellectual handy-work created by the authors. If you want to understand yourself in terms of skills, read, Now Discover your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton. For programming the mind into success, read, Act like a Success Think like a Success by Steve Harvey. Lets take this to some leadership skills, if you want to acquire those skills you should read, Rules and Tools for Leaders by  Perry Smith & Jeffrey Foley or maybe you can consider, Leadership 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves. They are definitely great reads! Oh, I almost forgot this book, if you are venturing into business, you should try reading, How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell.



Thinking out loud

I am sipping on my black tea as I do every morning and just reminiscing about the situations we are bombarded by each day. The thought circulates my mind and I am thinking I should share it with my readers. It is the quiet moments with yourself that makes you realize life is short and nothing in this world last forever, well, except if you are immortal. The truth is- we were placed on this earth to prosper in the gifts that were given to us. How  we utilize those gifts depends on the essence of our survival.

I believe we all have weaknesses and strengths, but where do we place our emphasis? Hmmm…That  is a question you should ask yourself. Our emphasis should be on utilizing the strengths, as we continue to consistently develop the weakness. You see, a weakness is not a weakness unless you allow it to control your strengths. Forget about what people say, work on your gifts and the weakness becomes a myth.

We are all born for greatness. To achieve that greatness we must be willing to put on donkey blinkers. You know the object they would place over the donkey’s eyes to keep them focus? That is precisely what is needed to achieve the goals we would set for ourselves.

From a child’s perspective

What do people know about me?

When I have tried and fail,

they oppress and treat me as though I’m an invalid.

When success is at my door and I hold on because I want to be

applauded and not ignored.

Ooh!  I become your friend forever more.

But mistake steps in and I know

for sure, for sure, your negative reinforcement

would meet me at the door.

How can I be an individual?

If you depress my intellect to fulfill your inner self respect.

I have found a friend and he is greater than you and I.

You know the pains I felt inside and to people I hide?

God is able to take them away

And no matter how many times I fall

With it the sarcasms, reproach, all the negative treaties,

and the No! I’m not pleased.

But what makes me strong is my friend,

the one who is with me too the end.

He is the one that says, yes! you are wrong,

but I will not drag you to the ground.

Instead I will pick you up,

remove the hurt that is covered with dirt

So you can feel a sense of worth.

And my child disappointment will come,

“But acknowledging your wrong, Takes you a step closer to your crown.”

Let Go of the negative-


The people we meet along life’s journey are so interesting and they teach you so much, unknowingly.  It is like reading a book. People tell you their story with their actions, and the readings are clear, only if you are willing to pay attention would you understand what is happening around you. We use the term, “life is too short…” so we must do this and we must do that or “life is too short…” so we must let go of the fear, envy and selfishness, yet those words are just what they are, for they are always succumbed by negativity and never applied.

I wish I had an additional remedy for the term, ‘letting go’ but I don’t, the words are just what the action needs for you to do, Let go! and when you apply it, watch the works of the hand of God in your endeavors.



Mother’s Day

I am thinking about what I can write at this moment and the only thing that pinged my mind, is Mother’s Day. What can I say about Mother’s Day that everyone has not said before. First of all Mother’s Day is everyday but we need a special moment where you can just basked in the thought of having or being a mother. Especially when your children have all turned out to be very successful and maybe there is the tyrant in the family but that tyrant is usually successful also.

Motherhood is absolutely amazing! think about it.



The word ‘pursue’ brings my thoughts to another word, ‘determination‘. It also takes my thoughts to the operative mode of getting things done without complaining or creating an environment of stress. We can achieve anything that we put our minds to doing successfully. Things in life may seem hard only when the mind is set at negativity towards  the activity. Indulge your senses into the world of pursuing your dreams and the rewards becomes a magnanimous entity in your life.

Pursue your dreams with all your might knowing consciously that your labor will not be in vain.  Tarnish the thoughts of failure and rebuild your mind with the concrete of prosperity.

Impossible? YES, Challenging? YES, Achievable? YES, Difficult? YES

The real question is:

Are you willing to pursue despite the odds?

richard-lock-237103 (1)

Culture and food

Culture is more than just knowing about the  lives  of society. It is the unique quality of excellence in each civilization. As usual I believe that culture does not go without food. Yes, food tells so much about us, food is an active agent in culture. Food helps us to connect with our cultural identity, hence the reason why it is important to society. So, there is a phrase I love to state and it goes like this,” tell me what you like to eat and I will tell you who you are.”

Try it out on someone, ask them what type of food they enjoy, and you might just be surprise how much you would know about that person cultural identity. Sometimes you can also know where a person lived for many years through their choice of food.

Only the historical knowledge of food and culture can create a pang of euphoric nostalgia. My  wish is that we can all travel the world and taste the ambrosial delicacies of great food, while we engross that country’s culture.

The Good we Do

This morning had me thinking and asking some interesting questions. The good we Do,  do we do it for ourselves or do we do good for the sole benefit of others? Hmmm… and I thought for a while and realize, this is where the popular phrase, “Who do good, do it to themselves and who do bad do it to themselves” fits right in with our lives. Yes, we do good and it all comes back to us. Sometimes not by the same person but by someone else.

Then I started thinking again- maybe this was my morning of important thoughts. Why should I spend my time doing good to someone who has not been good to me? And the answer is just a transformed version of the popular phrase. Simply because what we do comes back to us. That is food for thought.

Sometimes people do others wrong and think that they have gotten away, well it is not quite that simple. Life have a way of tumbling things like the tides on a harsh stormy night. The decision of who gets success and who does not is not determine by us, we are just mortal beings trying to survive in a world of continuous mishaps.


“Peace I give to you,” the words of Jesus.

So how do you obtain peace,  peace in love, peace in mind so you can survive in an unrest world?

I can tell you, everyday is new, great and special. It allows for new strength, new forgiveness, renewal of faith and love that move mountains. Each day allows for reflection so we can stop and think about our actions. It creates an atmosphere that will improve  our behavior.

While keeping peace, continue to dream big.

Continue to  meet interesting people that will build and test your faith.

Continue to love.

Continue to be creative.

Continue to care and share.

Always keep the mind active, positive and filled with creativity.

Peace comes when we can learn from our mistakes and failures.

Peace comes with humility.



Communication by Post Office

I guess talking about the days of no internet would sell my age out, but there was a time when social media was just a dream, for some, it might not have been a consideration. The memories of rushing to the Post Office still exist within my mind, and the anxious feeling of retrieving a reply made letter writing seem so worthwhile. I am not saying postage by internet is not fulfilling or beneficial. Of course it is beneficial, you send something in one second and get a reply in two seconds. That is much better than the anxiety felt from the original posting of letters.

Somehow a mailed letter felt so personal. Physically transported documents, packages, cards, letters, one cannot help but admit it was a long process but it raised excitement among loved ones, friends and family. I think I am going to use the Post Office to send some cards to my friends and family.

Time moves on  while the things we do change. I say thumbs up  to the benefits of technology within communication.     Thumbs up! to postage because without it, pen pals would not exist years ago. Today we still need the Post Office to get our bills and bulky packages. It is always good to have different means of communication. Thumbs up to all of the communication path!